This is my understanding of art and the challenge of bringing sculpture into existence.  For me, creating art is a reach in the direction of the absolute.

The test for anything is “does it work?”  Beauty and form for its own sake are fine but for a sculpture to work it must carry a message.  Also, the finished piece belongs to anyone who receives this message.  If it is not understood or is confusing, it will be rejected or ignored.  To be successful it must communicate an idea.

Effective modelling with wax or clay is about connecting an aesthetic form and complementary concept simultaneously.

The soul is who you are rather than something you have.  It is the creator and energy production unit for mind and body.  Spontaneous creativity has its source here and the less we allow our minds to intrude in this phenomenon the more effective we become. Art is cause.


Established in 1990.

Many years ago when I was first working in clay and wax as a sculptor, the time came to have some of my work cast in bronze. I found the cost of this was very expensive. I decided to set up my own bronze casting facility. Around 1990 I started Kilmainham Art Foundry Ltd. and began to do work for other sculptors, to make it possible to fund my own bronze sculpture. Looking back, it can be seen there are a lot of good pieces done, but I like to think that the best is yet to come and that is the hope, expectation, and the attraction of Art, that something of extraordinary beauty can be brought into existence.